Book A Skate Sharpening

1. Choose your appointment date and time

The link at the bottom of this page will allow you to choose a date and time you'd like to drop your skates off, where you can then pick them up the next day.

2. Choose your grind

The most popular grinds are 1/2 inch for youth and 5/8 inch for adults, you can learn more about the different sizes of hollow grinds here. We also carry Fire grind stones - these have a flat surface on the bottom of the blade for better gliding and sharp edges to keep the bite you're used to having with traditional hollow grinds. In our opinion, this is something aggressive skaters (ie. people playing competitive hockey or ringette) may like to try but isn't very useful for recreational skating. If this is nothing you know about or care to know about, don't worry about this part and we will make sure your skates are sharp! Please note we do not do figure skates or goalie skates at this time.

3. Drop off your skates

Once you've submitted the appointment form found at the link below you will receive a confirmation email with the address and instructions for drop off and pick up. We prefer e-transfer for contactless payment but also accept cash.


Click here to book a drop off for 7$.